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Q, What is a fuel sending unit and where is it located in my car?
A, Good question, your fuel sending unit is located inside you fuel tank. It serves two functions, first it sends fuel to your engine either by means of a pickup tube of if your vehicle is fuel injected it becomes the mounting system for your fuel pump. Second it houses the rheostat or fuel tank level sensor which is what communicates with your fuel gauge to let you know how much fuel you have on in your tank.

Q, My fuel gauge moves erratically and bounce around. Is this caused by my fuel sending unit?
A, Yes most of the time this will be a faulty fuel sending unit

Q, My fuel gauge stays in one place and never moves. Is this caused by my fuel sending unit?
A, Sometimes, in this case the fuel gauge and wiring should be test before assuming that the sending unit is at fault.

Q, Are you sure that you can rebuild my fuel sending unit? It looks really bad!
A, There are very few units that we cannot rebuild. We have been rebuilding units for over 18 years and in that time there has only been a very small hand-full that we could do nothing with.

Q, How long does it take you to rebuild my fuel sending unit?
A, We try to be as fast as possible and still maintain a high level of excellence. Most units will be finished within 4-5 days after receiving. Exceptions to this are units with severe damage, custom built units and units that require special-order parts.











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