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Tri-Starr is located in North Pitcher, NY, a community of upstate New York. Owned and operated by Dan and Samantha OHora. We opened our doors in 1993, over 28 years ago and between us have over 43 years of experience in the automotive industry.

Having two children and being family-oriented, we understand what the working person has to do to survive in today’s world because that’s what we are, working people. So we set out to find new and improved ways to get more out of those over-priced, hard-to-find automotive products. Part of our plan back then was to offer the automobile consumer a quality fuel-sending unit at an affordable price. Since then we have grown extensively, but unlike some of the big manufacturers who either overpriced existing units or discontinued making new units altogether, we have stayed focused on our original plan: to offer quality fuel-sending units at an affordable price! Over time and hard work, even though it hasn’t always been easy, we have been able to continue offering quality fuel-sending units that stand the test of time and we back all of our units with a manufacturer warranty.

With regards to obsolete fuel-sending units: we’ve had to adapt to our circumstances, but we at Tri-Starr are very proud to say that there are very few fuel-sending units ever made that we are unable to repair or rebuild, regardless of the condition of the unit. Therefore we look forward to being of service in any way we can; from answering your questions in our Customer Support Department, to your technical question where you can ask to speak with a live technician all the way, to servicing all your fuel-sending unit needs.

The main thing to remember is even though we all have big dreams, we at Tri-Starr promise no matter how big our dreams take us, we will always be committed to staying focused on satisfying our customer’s needs.

We are here to help

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our 24 hr e-mail server at sendingunitguy@gmail.com Or you can contact us personally using our toll-free line and speak to a customer representative or technician depending on your inquiry. All contact information is listed in our Contact Us section. We welcome your questions and look forward to hearing from you.

“We enjoy being part of what makes it all work.”

Thank You, Dan and Samantha

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